Reset phenomenon is repeated in the coup Middle East in Sudan - NBS

Principal communication the first times the Middle East, the people ... Miyake Kunihiko Starring diplomatic critic Canon Institute for Global Studies Senior Researcher in Japan of the radio program. Occur coup in Sudan in Africa, Bashir President explains the news that has been constrained. The end of the Bashir regime ranging from coup - 0 years in Sudan Sudan Egypt to the north, located in northeast Africa that is in contact with Saudi Arabia to the east across the Red Sea, Algeria, a big country with much of the area on the African continent next to the Congo. Has reigned is Bashir from 0 years ago, the coup has occurred in the Sudan. Ibun'oufu Defense Minister of anti-government demonstrations large-scale, led the army in the subsequent Africa Sudan the day, dismissed Bashir, announced that it had detained. Bashir, who has maintained a long-term administration of up to about 2.0 years since the year () is the end in the face of large-scale demonstrations, was ousted in a coup. Defense Minister declared that the military council of the military-led run by the Transitional Administration of the year, then, was to clear and to implement the election.
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